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Ranefox Photography
Photography is how I express my love for the serene, the majestic, the dark and the surreal aspects of life....Through the lens of a camera, I find different views of everyday life in the Pacific Northwest, near and around Seattle and the Puget Sound... Landscapes are my favorite, followed by designs and patterns...I love the flow of the natural lines of the horizon when the water's edge aligns with the sky.

In my portfolio, you will find,all types of photographic images; sunsets, sunrises and a few seasonal photographs.

All photographs are for sale. Have an image in mind? I also do commissioned work.

A new passion of mine is painting with acrylics. I have included some of my acrylic art - acrylic pour paintings. Most pieces are on canvas; the sizes and descriptions are included individually. No one painting is identical, and that's what I love the best about acrylic paint pours! And once you've poured paint, you will find yourself searching for new methods to create designs.

If you see a painting you like, I also do commission work.

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